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I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine

Blue Highway

INTRO: Verse



1. I'd rather be a fox with the hunters on his tail

2. A farmer offers life and labor to the land

                                                       D                        A

1. I'd rather be an old dog left to stay

2. With a gentle hand he tends the fertile ground


1. I'd rather have no one to come home to

2. And in the golden fields at harvest time

                             D                                  E

1. Than to live in love, hurting day after day

2. I offered you my heart but you turned me down





I'd rather be a lonesome pine way out on the ridge


All alone blowing in the wind and rain


I'd rather be a homeless man sleeping underneath a railroad bridge

                             D                A                      E

Than to love a woman, who only brings you pain


<BREAK> Chorus



<BREAK> Chorus