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Stray Dogs And Alley Cats

Lonesome River Band

INTRO: G – Em – C – D (x2)


G                            Em                         C                               Am

Every Sunday in my Mama’s Church, I’d sneak some money out of Mama’s purse

D                                                          C                                 D

While she was praying I would slip away; Down at the poolhall, I’d play all day

G                                       Em                         C                                 Am

I’d meet her home, and she’d shake her head; “You’re fluffing pillows on the devil’s bed”

D                                                             C                                D

I’d tell her, “Mom, I know just how you feel. I made enough to cover all our bills.”



          C                                 D                        G                           Em

          Too bad for Heaven and too good for Hell; Little wings are better than big tails

          C                             D                        G                                Em

          I don’t expect to sit at God’s right hand; But I can empty heaven’s garbage cans

           C                         D           B              Em    C                        D                   G

          Whoa, hope there’s room on those golden streets; For stray dogs and alley cats like me


G                                 Em                   C                              Am

If they won’t let me in the big front gate; Maybe I could go in the back way

D                                                              C                                     D

My halo probably wouldn’t shine real bright; But it’ll get me through the clouds at night

G                                    Em                 C                             Am

Now, I don’t care if I’m the last to sing; Or if I’ve got the smallest set of wings

D                                                        C                                              D

I’d watch the little devils down on Earth; And follow them when they sneak out of church