Everybody's Talking

Alison Brown




D                    Dmaj7                 D                                     Dmaj7

Everybody's talking at me, but I don't hear a word they're saying

Em            A7               D

Only the echoes of my mind

D         Dmaj7              D                    Dmaj7

People stop and stare, I can't see their faces

Em            A7                     D

Only the shadows of their eyes



Em                            A7                         D                                D7

I'm going where the sun keeps shining through the pouring rain

Em                           A7                       D

Going where the weather suits my clothes

Em                           A7                      D                                D7

Banking off of the northeast winds, sailing on a summer breeze

Em                           A7              D

Skipping over the ocean like a stone






Em                     A7                     D

I won’t let you leave my love behind

I won’t let you leave my love behind

I won’t let you leave my love …