Fair Weather

Allison Brown


INTRO: G – G7 – C – G – C – G – D - G



                                   G                       G7                         C                    G

          Well, I got fair weather on my mind; Just like the things I left behind

                           C                            G           A7                                       D

          Life ain’t easy, sometimes unkind; It seems to fool me time after time


                          G                        G7

Well, I left my home some time ago

                  C                     G

Just like a river, I had to grow

                           C                                  G

It’s a lonesome feeling, living on your own

                  A7                                                               D

There’s a woman on your mind when the cold wind blows




                            G                                   G7

Seen laughs and sorrow, good times and rain

               C                                    G

I had my troubles, Lord, just the same

            C                                  G

Like a hobo on an old freight train

            A7                                                  D

Getting lonely when you never hear your name