Wild Bill Jones

Allison Krauss & Union Station


As I went down for to take a little walk


I came upon that Wild Bill Jones


He was a-walkin' and a-talkin' by my true lover's side

                             E                A

And I bid him to leave her alone


He said, "My age is twenty-one,

Too old to be controlled."

I pulled my revolver from my side

And I destroyed that poor boys soul


He reeled and he staggered then he fell to the ground

And then he gave one giant moan

He wrapped his arms around my little girl's neck

Saying, "Honey, won't you carry me home."


So put them handcuffs on me boys

And lead me to that freight car gate

I have no friends or relations there

No one for to go my bail


So pass around that ol' longneck bottle

And we'll all go on a spree

Today saw the last of Wild Bill Jones

And tomorrow'll be the last of me