Ugly Baby

Bill Chappell


     C                                                         F              C

1. One day a lady got on the bus with a baby in a blanket

2. She said, ”Mister, what’s your problem? You’re about to make me sore.”

3. She jumped up and slapped his face and began to scream and cuss

4. The driver said, “Maam, come and sit by me in this seat right by the door.”


    C                                                                  D7                           G

1. She sat in the rear and the kid was wet, so she commenced to changin’

2. “Did you just fall off a turnip wagon? Ain’t you never seen a child before?”

3. She yelled, “Driver, stop right now, and let me off this bus!”

4. “And I’ll make sure that you don’t get insulted anymore.”


       C                                                  F                         C

1. A man in the seat beside her was about to drive her wild

2. He said, “Maam, I just can’t help myself. I ain’t trying to be mean.”

3. “This man back here’s insulted me, the dirty low-down rat.”

4. “Don’t pay no attention to that guy. He’s probably just a junkie.”


    C                                                           G                   C

1. Every time she looked at him, he was staring at her child

2. “But that has got to be the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!”

3. “Just let me off, I’d rather walk than ride with a jerk like that!”

4. “Relax now, and by the way, here’s a banana for your monkey.”