Blue Ridge Mountain Girl

Blue Highway

   INTRO: Em . C . | G . . . | G . D . | G . . . | G . . . |


                  G           C        G                       D                    G

1. Sure is cold here in Chicago; Wind can cut you like a knife

2. In my hand I hold a letter; Said she’d made a pretty bride

     G                               C                     Am                        D

1. Another day, another dollar; What a way to spend your life

2. As I lay here in the darkness, She lies by another’s side

                    G             C        G                 D                          G

1. She was young and I was restless, so I set out to see the world

2. I’ve got money in my pocket; Diamond rings that I wear

     G                                    C                     G                 D           G

1. Left my home in old Virginia, and my Blue Ridge Mountain girl

2. But I’d trade it all this minute, for all the gold that’s in her hair




                                C                      G

          I can see her standing by the window

                                     C                   D

          There’s nothing sadder in the world

                                        Em                C           G

          Than to see those green eyes all red and crying

                                           D            G

          On my Blue Ridge Mountain girl.