In The Gravel Yard

Blue Highway

   INTRO: Full Chorus



                     G                           C                      G

          In the gravel yard with a number for my name

                                                     D                  G

          Making little rocks out of big rocks all day

              G                                               C                   G

          Though the work is mighty hard in the gravel yard

                                   D                       G

          I’ll never be a free man so they say


     G                             C                   G

1. Lord, hear my plea, listen now to me

2. In the drivin’ rain, with a ball and chain

                                  D                          G

1. I killed a man that I caught with my wife

2. My hammer rings an old mournful sound

     G                                                    C                  G

1. You’d probably done the same, so why am I to blame

2. I sings a little song for the ones who done me wrong

                                D               G

1. Sentenced to the rest of my life

2. That lie beneath the cold, cold ground