Mountain Of The Lord

Blue Highway

Capo 4


Intro: A7 – E – B7 – E



1. God tested Abraham, He said - Take your only son

2. That humble Hebrew servant built an altar in the sky

3. Now, tell me, brother, tell me; what would you have done?


              A7              E             B7                    E

1. Bring Isaac to Mariah. His life has just begun

2. He bound his son up on it and he drew his dagger nigh

3. If God required the sacrifice of your only precious son



1. Offer up a sacrifice, the lamb you deem most fair

2. Then an angel of Jehovah called to Abraham on high

3. Yet Jesus came among us through His Father’s plan on high


               A7                E                     B7                         E

1. Bring Isaac to the mountain, then you must kill him there

2. You’ve proved to God you’re worthy. Take your son. He need not die

3. To save the world from darkness, His precious lamb did die



                               A7                      E             B7         E          (A7 – E – B7 – E)

Come to the mountain of the Lord, He will provide.