Carry Me Across The Mountain

Dan Tyminski


       G                      F                    G                                F

1. Every day is a gamble, if you really gonna make it through

2. Daddy warned against it, said “You may not make it through.”


                      G                                 F                          C                      G

1. When you live on the side of a mountain, and the babies all need food

2. Momma wrapped me in her arms, crying “What else can I do?”


                    G                    F                    G                          F

1. As the youngest one among us, I got sick and could not eat

2. There’s a place across the mountain top, across the mountain side

3. Now I stand upon the mountain top before my mother’s grave


       G                         F                              C                          G

1. Daddy prayed to accept his fate, but Momma would not heed

2. They say there is a doctor there who might save our baby’s life

3. And every year I visit here to thank her for that day




              C                                    G                              F

          Carry me across the mountain, before it is too late

             C                       G                       D         G

          Heal my broken body, Death not be my fate

             C                                      G                               F

          Carry me across the mountain, don’t give up on me

           C                G                                         D           G

          I am but a helpless child whose life depends on thee