Praise The Lord

Dan Tyminski



                           D           C           D              G                      D

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, and bless His holy name

            G                       D

Cause He don't ever change

                D      C         D                  G                         D

He's the one, He's the one, it don't matter what you done

                      G                          D

He wants to love you just the same


                    D          C        D                     G                          D

When old trouble comes along, and temptation is growing strong

                 G                         D

Take my hand dear Lord I pray

                 D     C           D                G          D

Hear my cry, hear my plea, have mercy on me

                       G                         D

And let your love show me the way



         D     C          D                   G                          D

As I labor in this land, be my strength, help me stand

                 G                    D

Lead me on the narrow way

             D               C           D                G                          D

Many loved ones now are gone, but I know I'm coming home

                   G                    D

Soon we'll all be there to say