All Aboard

Del McCoury Band


 Em                                    D                         A

1. I can feel the wheels turnin’ underneath my feet, As I pull the shade down on my windowseat

2. Take that woman with the frown sittin cross the aisle with her briefcase open nigh on 90 miles

3. Then the train slowed down unexpectedly; I raised my blind, he slaps my knee

    C                                    B7                          Em

1. Praying where I’m going is better than where I’ve been

2. She never even noticed that lake back at Horseshoe Bend

3. Saying, “This is my stop, son, but you won’t be traveling alone”

               Em                                  D

1. Then a stranger sits down as if he’s right at home

2. And that couple with the kids at the front of the car

3. I look out me window to wave him goodbye


1. Touches me and says, “I see you’re travellin’ alone.”

2. Fussing all the way about some cookie jar

3. But there’s nobody there, just a light in the sky

                      C                     B7             Em

1. “And by the way, son, you forgot to say A-men.”

2. I’m gonna ask’em what they saw at their journey’s end

3. I lose my breath and my blood runs cold as stone



          1. He says, “I guess there’s something here I need to explain

          2. And there’s that fellow I left sittin’ in the back

          3. Then I feel the wheels a-turning underneath my feet


          1. I try to talk to everyone ridin’ this train.

          2. Keeps a smile on his face thru a paper sack

          3. But life looks different from my window seat

              Am                                                             B7

          1. Some of them listen, but most don’t pay me no mind.”

          2. Lookin’ out the window, but he can’t see past the pain

          3. Knowing where I’m going is better than where I’ve been



                                               C                                     Em

                   And the train keeps rollin’; And the world keeps turnin’

                           Am           B7                                       Em

                   All aboard! All aboard! Everybody’s gotta get on board.