Without You

Dixie Chicks


          D                          A                                                     D

1. I've sure enjoyed the rain, but I'm looking forward to the sun

2. Well I never thought I'd be lying here without you by my side


            D                       A                                                                  D

1. You have to feel the pain, when you loose the love you gave someone

2. It seems unreal to me that the life you promised was a lie


       Bm                                                D                                 G

1. I thought by now that time would take away these lonely tears

2. You made it look so easy, making love into memories


         D                         A                                                          D

1. I hope you're doing fine all alone; but where do I go from here, 'cause (chorus)

2. I guess you got what you wanted But what about me 'cause (chorus)




                A                    D                       A                      D

Without you I'm not okay; and without you I've lost my way

  Bm                         D                        G   A              D

My heart's stuck in second place, oh yeah, without you


SOLO        Em . . . | D . . . | G . . . | D . . . |

                   Em . . . | D . . . | G . . . | A . . . |



C                             G                                D

Somebody tell my head to try to tell my heart

               E                    A

That I'm better off without you Cause baby I can't live