It Only Hurts When I Cry

Dwight Yoakam


Intro: C D G



                                       C                     D                      G

The only time I feel the pain, Is in the sunshine or the rain

                                          C                        D                              G

And I don't feel no hurt at all, Unless you count when teardrops fall

                                           C                       D                        G

I tell the truth 'cept when I lie, And it only hurts me when I cry


                                           D                                              G

You couldn't tell it by this smile, But my recovery took awhile

                                                    D                                       G

I worked for days and nights on end, Just to walk and talk again

                                              C                                             D

You can't believe the time it takes, To heal a heart once it breaks




                                           D                                             G

Oh maybe every now and then, I have a small heartache again

                                                 D                                                      G

You wouldn't know to look at me, There's tiny scars that you can't see

                                      C                                         D

It was a struggle to survive, I'm probably lucky I'm alive