All My Ex's Live In Texas

George Strait



         G                                D

          All my Ex's live in Texas

              Am7               Am                A7        D7

         And Texas is the place I'd truly love to be

          G                                D

         All my Ex's live in Texas


         And that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee



          G                                  Am

Rosanna down in Texarkana wanted me to push her broom

D7                                                                             G

Sweet Eileen in Abilene, she forgot I hung the moon

G                                         Am                          Am7

And Allison in Galveston, somehow lost her sanity

      A7                                                                         D

And Dimples, who now lives in Temple's got the law lookin' for me




G                                                          Am

I remember that ole three hole river where I learned to swim

       D7                                                                                               G

But it brings to mind another time where I wore my welcome thin

    G                                      Am                        Am7

By Transedental Meditation I go there each night

         A7                                               D

But I always come back to myself, long before daylight