Please Come Back

Logan Gibbons


       D                                              A

1. Living life without you here; I know that if I had you here

2. Afternoons we spent together, unconcerned with what they thought or

3. With lots of green and my pool cue, I stumble back to my barstool


               C                           G                    D                              A

1. That dreams of us from distant times would not plague me now

2. Whether we would be together when the morning came

3. And find that drowning memories does not ease my mind


      D                                          A                                          

1. Lying in my bed at night, I think of you until the light of day

2. Days went past and you got tired, we got stale, our love was mired

3. Other loves have come and gone; they pale in the comparison


      C                                     G                            D

1. Day breaks through my window’s pane and reminds me I’m alone

2. In arguments and questionings and visa-versa blame

3. To you, I gave my heart and soul; and you threw them away



              G                F                      C                         G       

          It hurts me to see that you’d want to live your life without me

          G                        F                        C               G

          By your side, I hope your life is better that way

               F                  C              F                      C

          I miss you so much; so much it’s killing me

              F                C            G

          Please come back to me…