Am I A Fool

Lonesome River Band


Intro: Am....C..G....C..D..G


    G          C                        D           G

1. I never thought I would see you again,

2. You made a promise that you'd never leave,


    G         C                D               G

1. I was sure we had come to an end.

2. How many times I wanted to be me.


   Am                           C               G

1. Now here you are, back at my door,

2. Am I just settin' myself up to take the fall


    Am                                     C                         D

1. My foolish heart is gonna let you win once more.

2. 'Cause here I am again just waiting for your call.



            G          C          G   C

Am I fool, for hanging on.

G                C                 D

How many times will I sing the same old song.

Em                                 C

I'm gonna love you 'till all hope is gone,

G          C           D          G

Am I a fool for hanging on.



D                                      Em

My head is telling me that I should walk away,

C                                                                           D

This heart of mine is saying, Love you one more day.