Are You Ashamed To Call Me Darlin'

Lonesome River Band



1. You said our love was all that mattered

2. Each lonely night as you lay sleeping

3. When you are down and need a friend


1. I never thought you'd make me cry

2. Dreaming in your sweet repose

3. You know that I will be around


1. Now my dreams have all been shattered

2. All alone and broken hearted

3. To kiss the lips that once betrayed me

                             D                          G

1. You turn your head when I walk by

2. I listen to the wind that blows

3. And hold the hand that turned me down




          Are you ashamed to call me darlin'


          After all I've been to you


          You broke my heart and left me lonely

                                      D                G

          Are you ashamed to call me dear