Cabin Of Love

Lonesome River Band

           G                            C

1. I'm only a dreamer of romance

2. Nestled around our cabin

3. Where is the love we once cherished


            G                                          D

1. My love dreams can never come true

2. That means all the world to me

3. Why didn't our love dreams come true


       G                                    C

1. I'll just pretend that I'm happy

2. Our love, sweet heart, will always linger

3. All I can do now is dream dear


             D                                                  G

1. And smile through these tears, dear, at you

2. For you are a part, dear, of me

3. Of a cabin, sweet heart, dear and you



                  C                                      G

          I dreamed of a cabin of love, dear


          Where all of our dreams would come true

                      G                             C

          But another has taken our cabin

                    D                                G

And left me so lonely and blue