Do You Want To Live In Glory

Lonesome River Band


          Do you want (do you want) to live in glory (up in glory)

                        Am                                                 G

          Oh dear friend (oh dear friend), forevermore (forevermore)


          Do you want (do you want) a life eternal (life eternal)

                          Am                         G                       C

          Somewhere on (somewhere on) that golden shore



C                                                            Am                        G

Many times I sat there crying As a friend was passing on

                    C                                                                Am  G             C

But all those times he gave me comfort And the strength to carry on



C                                                     Am                       G

From this world of pain and sorrow To that golden promised land

                 C                                                   Am  G                      C

There I'll go now Lord tomorrow I know God will hold my hand



     C                                                     Am                        G

As my time on earth grow shorter I'll not fear that last long day

 C                                                        Am G               C

For a better home awaits me And sweet Jesus leads the way