Don’t Worry ‘Bout Daddy

Lonesome River Band

    G                                               C       G

1. Don’t worry ‘bout Daddy, I’ll be alright

2. There’s no use talkin’ ‘bout what might-a been

     G                                                                                 D

1. I get lonesome in the daytime, but I’m loose in the night

2. For what we once had will never happen again

                              G                                                C

1. It was over between us when you went out the door

2. One day I’ll recover and I’ll quit feeling bad

                                      G                                 D                                  G

1. Don’t worry ‘bout Daddy. Daddy’s gonna make it. He’s done it before.

2. Don’t worry ‘bout Daddy. Daddy’s gonna make it – he always has



                                   C                              G

I’m used to having nothing, it’s all I ever had

  G                                                           D

Had a million friends ‘til the going got bad

                                           G                                          C

The one I thought would stand by me was the first to leave

                                   G                                 D                                 G

Don’t worry ‘bout Daddy. Daddy’s gonna make it -- just wait and see



1 – C – 2 – C – 1