Heartless Love

Lonesome River Band



1. Each lonely night I dream of you, dear

2. The day we met, I knew I loved you

3. I hope someday you’ll find a new love

                             C                            G

1. The vows we made, you’ve torn apart

2. I thought the same for you was true

3. You’ll cast aside your evil ways


1. Won’t you come back and start all over

2. But I found out your heartless ways, dear

3. Don’t break the heart of those who love you

                           D                          G

1. And help me mend this broken heart

2. A colder love, I never knew

3. For you will pay the price someday



                                 C                           G

          You’ll never know how much I loved you

                                 C                            D

          You’ll never know how much I cared


          For when you left, you took our love, dear

                               C – D                       G

          You took the love that we both shared