Mary Ann

Lonesome River Band


G                                   C                          G

There's a girl on my mind I can't get over

                                      D                G

That would break the heart of any man

                        C                               G

Without her, things would fall to pieces

                       D                      G

I'm dreamin' about my Mary Ann



                    D                                             G

          So I'll just keep touching up my gray hair

                             D                                   G

          Live and hope someday she'll understand

                             C                                   G

          It's no matter if I live to be a hundred

                                                                    D                          G

          There'll always be a place in my heart for Mary Ann


G                                                                C                          G

I know she's out there somewhere in a world that can't be found

                             D                          G

Just to think of her still tears me down

                                                          C                     G

If teardrops were pennies, then I'd be a wealthy man

                                          D                      G

From the tears that I've cried for Mary Ann