Swing That Hammer

Lonesome River Band



Swing that hammer, break that rock, Lord, that ol' sun is hot

                   F                   G                 C

And the shackles that I wear fit too tight


I ain't see nobody smile out on this ol' rock pile

                   F                                G                   C

And they'll knock you down if you don't do it right



Now hard times go so slow, and I've got ten to go

          F                    G                      C

I'm a number now, I don't have a name


But there ain't no need to whine, This ball and chain is mine

            F                        G                          C

There ain't no way to stop this burnin' pain



At night old memories show, Cold steel is so cold

          F                              G                           C

It's lonesome time when they turn out the light


These walls are grim and gray, Tomorrow's another day

          F                          G                             C

To swing my hammer down with all my might