Dancing With The Angels
New Grass Revival
    G                                                        C               G
1.There's path with darkness there's a path with light
2. Old Satan's dark powers are hungry for confusion
3. King Angels of mercy are waiting there to greet you
                      G                               D
1. And they meet at the old crossroads
2. Unsatisfied ever greedy for more
3. Standing on the shores of ever lasting light
             G                                        C                    G
1. The Angels are calling if your spirit will hearken
2. If you look to your heart at the spirit there a blooming
3. They're saying come and join us across the shining water
     G                                D                        G
1. All is forgiven; lay down your weary load
2. If it's bright and shining sin can harm you no more
3. Our lanterns of love will guide us though the night
                              G                               C                              G
            You'll be dancing, dancing, dancing with the Angels
             G                               A                  D
            Just like old Daniel in the Lion's den
                     G                                        C                                  G
            The door will be open and the feast spread out before you
              G                               Em  D                      G
            Dancing with the Angels while the Lion's roar.