Cry Of The Whippoorwill

Rhonda Vincent




                             C                           G

          Now listen close and you can hear

                                     C                                 G

          Their mournful cries ring through the darkness

                       G                                    D

          Lovers lost and all alone; Spirits to forever roam



1. Like a night bird’s wail when the wind is still; The sound of a river and a whippoorwill

2. It’s a bitter wind that sings their song; ‘Bout a love so right and yet so wrong

    G                                                                                D

1. Like the driving rain on a roof of tin; Her words of love call out to him

2. And promised hearts where passions dwell; No one can see, no one can tell






1. In the chill of a night thru the falling show; Two hearts run wild, nowhere to go

2. Souls lost in time, they were never found; Frozen in silence on the cold hard ground

    G                                                                          D

1. Crossing hills and valleys wide; To meet once more on the other side

2. Forever one, forever free; Wrapped in the arms of eternity