Honey Won't You Open That Door

Ricky Skaggs



C                                                                  G

Honey, honey, honey won't you open that door,

This is your sweet daddy, don't you love me no more,

It's cold outside, let me sleep on the floor,


Honey won't you open that door.



        C                                              C7                    F

1. I honky-tonked around Dallas, I got in a poker game,

2. I went right down to see old Bob, I thought he was my friend,


     F                                          C           D7                                G

1. Somebody must-a been a cheatin', I lost everything but my name,

2. The landlord said that Bob's not here, The police done hauled him in,


                C                                               C7                       F

1. Well I walked half way to Memphis, I finally got back home,

2. I ran right back to little honey's house, I got me a rockin' chair,


     F                                    C                            D                     G                 C

1. But I'd been better off where I was, 'Cause here's where things went wrong.

2. Now Honey if you don't open that door, I'm gonna rock on away from here.