More Pretty Girls Than One

Ricky Skaggs



                       C                                          C7

There's more pretty girls than one

  F                                  C      C7

More pretty girls than one

  F                                 C

Any old town that I ramble all around in

               C                 G             C

There's more pretty girls than one


     C                        G             C            C7

1. Mama talked to me last night

2. Honey look down that old lonesome road


             F                                      C          C7

1. She gave to me some good advice

2. Hang down your pretty head and cry


                     F                                                C

1. She said “Son you ought to quit this old ramblin' all around

2. 'Cause I'm thinking all about them pretty little gals


              C                   G                 C

1. And marry you a sweet loving wife”

2. And hoping that I’ll never die