Mountain Of Sorrow

Scott Anderson

Intro:         D



1. Thinking back to the days of old

2. I tried so hard to make you see

3. Sometimes at night, when the cold winds blow


                    G    C                          D

1. The memories of your love, so cold

2. The love I gave, it was true and kind

3. I step out into the pale moonlight


                           Bm  G                          D

1. And how your name, it was burning mine

2. But I watched you laugh, Lord, while I cried

3. And I hang my head down low to cry


                           G    C                              D

1. With a vow of love, and a mountain of lies

2. Over vows of love, and mountains of lies

3. Over vows of love, and mountains of lies



          G                                 C             D

          Valleys of heartache, deep and wide

          Bm                         A           D

          Rivers of tears that I have cried

          G                                        C         D

          Mountains of sorrow you gave to me

                        Bm                        A            D

          And you took your love away from me