Good Old Country Baptizing

Steel Canyon Rangers

INTRO: D – A – D


              D                                              G                   D

1. I was traveling down a country road on a Sunday morning

2. I heard a lowing tenor voice inviting me to come in

3. That old country preacher man was standing in the pond


        D                                            E                     A

1. I saw a crowd gathered round a little country farm

2. Said “I'm so glad to have you here. Welcome my friend

3. Preaching the gospel to the crowd, holding the sinner’s arm


       D                                    G                       D

1. I thought I’d go closer so I could see and hear

2. We've had a great revival at the church all week

3. Saying “You'll be happy. Praise the Lord, I can feel it in my soul


     D                                                        A                     D

1. Why they looked so happy there, without a thing to fear

2. Now we're having a baptizing down at the creek.”

3. Someday you'll fly to heaven on your wings made of gold.”



                        D                                             G                 D

It was a good old-fashioned baptizing I was at that day

              D                                                      E                            A

They'd preach a while and sing a while and all kneel down and pray

           D                                                G                      D

God's spirit seemed to feel the air and every soul was meek

              D                                           A                  D

It was a good old country baptizing down by the creek