Better Things To Do

Terri Clark



     C                                                                        F                                                  C          

1. Don't tell me the reason that you're callin' is to see if I'm all right since you been gone,

2. Maybe when I don't have so much goin', or quite so many irons in the fire,


      G                                                                C         

1. Cause I know you and I know why we're talkin';

2. I'll take the time to miss you like you're hoping,


                            F                                     G           

1. You're wantin' me to say I'm barely hangin' on.

2. But now I can't put forth the effort it requires.


      F                               G        F                  G            F                   G                    C    

1. Well, maybe that was true, for a night or two, But now, I've got better things to do.

2. I'd love to talk to you, but then I'd miss Donahue. That's right, I've got better things to do.


    I could:

<CHORUS 1&2>

F                                                                            C

Wash my car in the rain, change my new guitar strings;

             C                                                                 F

           Mow the yard just the same, as I did yesterday.

                       F                          C                          G     

           I don't need to waste my time, crying over you;

F                      G                     C                   

I've got better things to do.



F                                                                          C

           Check the air in my tires, straighten my stereo wires,

                            C                                                          F

           Count the stars in the sky or just get on with my life

                        F                           C                        G     

           I don't need to waste my time, crying over you;

F                    G                      C

I've got better things to do.

F                    G                      C                

I've got better things to do.