Fox On The Run

Tony Hazzard



                   G                            D                   Am             C

          She walks through the corn leading down to the river

                 Am                    D               C                 G

          Her hair shone like gold in the hot mornin' sun

                   G                D             Am                      C

          She took all the love that a poor boy could give her

                  Am           D             C              G

          And left me to die like a fox on the run

                      C                                                    G

          Like a fox, (like a fox, like a fox) on the run



C                  G              D                  G

Everybody knows the reason for the fall

               C                       G                     Am          D

When woman tempted man down in paradise's hall

            C                     G                     D                   G

This woman tempted me then she took me for a ride

          C                  G                D                      G

And like a weary fox, boys I need a place to hide





            C                      G             D               G

We'll drink a glass of wine and fortify our souls

            C                     G                    Am                       D

We'll talk about the world and the friends we used to know

    C                     G                     D                      G

I see a string of girls who have put me on the floor

          C                    G                    D                        G

The game is nearly over and the hounds are at my door